You Are Here


'You Are Here' was a musical and artistic collaboriation commissioned to commemorate the Centenary of WWW1 for Liverpool International Music Festival 2014. The musical composition was performed and accompanying artwork exhibited at a one off event at Sefton Park Palm House as part of the festival. Scroll down to the bottom to read more about You Are Here.

You can see closer images of the box works in this exhibition on the 'Ink and layer works' page.





















You Are Here

Sat 23 August 2014 at The Palm House, Sefton Park

A century ago, Europe, and the World, erupted into brutal conflict. The spark? The pull of home and heart, and the ties that bind us, all, to our territory. Our place under the firmament.


By the end of the war, 90 million souls were lost. Four major empires wiped from the map, and a score of independent nations created. A landscape scarred by trench, crater and rubble. You Are Here brought musicians from the triple entente together – The United Kingdom, France and Russia – to investigate their experiences of what home means to them. Now; in the 21st century. What is this thing called home? Does it still tug at our sense of identity? Does the ground beneath our feet indelibly shape our creative process? Or are our borders drawn around something something deeper than battle lines and political allegiances? The collaboration will explore what we mean by home, in a world better connected than ever before. In a world where trenches are filled with fibre optic cables, yet, stubbornly, the battles remain.

Just what are we fighting for?

The artists

Bill Ryder Jones: Musician and film score composer, Wirral’s Bill Ryder Jones’ warm, bruised and beautiful compositions show this ex-Coral guitarist as a major new force in songwriting, as his cinematic and critically acclaimed ‘A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart’ album elegantly shows.

Moongai: Hailing from Nantes, Moongai fuse sensitive Gallic pop with brutal electronic textures. Orchestral, tribal and playful, their live shows are never less than incendiary. Core duo Eva Ménard and Grégoire Vaillant are the true giants of Nantes.

Noonwraith: Moscow’s Noonwraith – recently showcased on BBC Introducing – working in collaboration with ARCHNGL – blends haunting vocal samples with beats that are breathtaking and menacing in equal measure.

KOF: Soulful storyteller, KOF is hard to pin down. Weaving his soul-laden voice over gorgeous melodies and innovative textures, this 1Xtra favourite could, very possibly, be sent here to save R’n’B as we know it.

Josie Jenkins: Liverpool-based artist Josie Jenkins document’s the frayed ends of our shrinking cities, and capture a hinterland of strange beauty. Her canvases document wastelands and brownfield sites – anywhere zones of quiet chaos. She’s the latest winner of the New Lights Arts Prize.

David Lloyd: Editor of Liverpool’s best-read indie title, SevenStreets, and original member of Birkenhead’s Half Man Half Biscuit, David’s travelled the frozen wastes of the North as a travel writer for everyone from Time Out to Rough Guides, and does the same now, in Birkenhead, for kicks.

Written by David Lloyd, Sevenstreets