Enough is Definitely Enough

Oceans Apart, Salford

OA Studios – 24-26 King Street – Salford – M3 7DG

7 March – 3 April 2020

Private view Friday 6th March 6-8pm

Nearly 50 contemporary artists have made new artworks in response to a postcard version of Velázquez’s masterpiece, Las Meninas for an exhibition at Oceans Apart in Salford. ‘Enough is Definitely Enough’ which opens on 7 March and runs to 3 April, features a huge variety of different artistic responses to the Spanish painter’s masterpiece - arguably the
most widely interpreted of all paintings.

Art Historian Daniel Arasse reflected many people's view that everything,or perhaps even nothing, has been said about Las Meninas - "what's the difference, enough is definitely enough!". The artists in the exhibition build upon previous interpretations by renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Richard Hamilton, Francesco Goya and Eve Sussman. Artists
have long been actively influenced by the centuries old painting by Velázquez; with their responses, in turn, offering influence back to Las Meninas to enable new readings. With the artworks made for ‘Enough is Definitely Enough’ there is potential for new relationships with
Velasquez's original painting to open up.

The exhibition is curated by Andrew Bracey and forms part of his PhD research at the University of Lincoln. He is exploring how contemporary artists have used and appropriated existing paintings by other artists, through a position of using the metaphor of the parasite and symbiosis in connection with painting. The exhibition is touring from General Practice,
Lincoln with new artists being added for Oceans Apart. It will tour on to Pineapple Black, Middlesborough from 19th June – 18th July 2020.

Artists: Euripides Altintzoglou, Keith Aschcroft, Tristram Aver, Maggie Ayliffe,Sarah Bennett, Juan Bolivar, Andrew Bracey, Louise Bristow, Kate Buckley,Louisa Chambers, Fiona Curran, Gordon Dalton, Karen David, Pip Dickens,Annabel Dover, Jenny Eden, Leo Fitzmaurice, Brendan Fletcher, Sarah Gillman,Rebecca Fortnum, Rachel Goodyear, Simón Granell, Tom Hackney, Sharon Hall,
Lesley Halliwell,Simon Harris, Josie Jenkins, Ilona Kiss, Geoff Diego Litherland,
Alison Lloyd, Cathy Lomax, Rachel Lumsden, Danica Maier, David Manley, Enzo Marra, Andy Pepper, Yelena Popova, Magnus Quaife, James Quin, Daniel Rapley,Lucy Renton, John Rimmer, John M Robinson, David Ryan, Nick Simpson, Stephen Snoddy, Soheila Sokhanvari, Chez Tenneson, Annabel Tilley, Katie Tomlinson, Alun Williams, Gerard Williams

Enough is Definitely Enough
7 March – 3 April 2020
Private view Friday 6th March 6-8pm, all welcome.
Oceans Apart – OA Studios – 24-26 King Street – Salford – M3 7DG
Open by appointment, email:
Free and open to the public






SET Lewisham

(Former Mothercare Store // Corner of Thurston Road and Loampit Vale

Unit 1 Lewisham Retail Park, London, SE13 7RZ

Residency 7th - 15 April
Exhibition 17 - 1st May

Private view Thursday 16th April 2020 6-9pm


Artists from Liverpool and London explore the urban environment in residency and exhibition.

SET Lewisham presents a new collaboration by London based artists Sarah Davies and Alex Stone and Liverpool Based artists Josie Jenkins and Max Mallender. The residency and exhibition Potholes explores the urban environment through a variety of mediums.
The artists were brought together as a group by Alex Stone, who recognised connections between their practices after following Sarah Davis’ time at City and Guilds and exhibiting with Max Mallender and Josie Jenkins in Threshold Festival, Liverpool, in 2018.

The artistic practices of all four artists interrogate the interplay between man-made and natural environments. Within their work, images and found materials of the urban environment are both used and re-purposed, to create sculptures, installations, paintings and photographs.
Alex Stone’s practice combines analogue photographic practices and sculptural casting techniques to explore the transient and interconnected nature of existence.

Stone remarks: “I draw upon the built environment within which I live, obsessively focusing upon the often-overlooked traces of time and human activity. I want to explore ways that making art with these seemingly insignificant traces can give them a platform to be seen as valuable."
Josie Jenkins is interested in the relationship between people and the world, particularly the innate human sense of order and our need to impose order on the world. In her paintings she uses pattern and motifs that bring about a sense of order and references human intervention in the world, including imagery that may be perceived as incongruous or unusual in its setting.
Sarah Davies’ work is multifaceted and involves very laboured hands-on techniques such as carving and gilding. It also brings in quick sculptural processes like the direct casting of empty pill packets and fragments from the urban environment. The work is autobiographical but also confronts wider concepts of sickness and the dualistic nature of care and recovery. Davies says “Healing has taught me a lot about what we take from our surroundings in order to survive.” Max Mallender’s work originated with graffiti and site specific installations. He is now exploring ways that his work can sit both within gallery spaces and on the street. Mallender creates paintings and sculptures, driven by intuition, that come together as installations, using materials found and observed in the urban environment.

The project creates a unique opportunity to visit and observe the artists during their residency, as they research, plan and make the work that will be featured in the exhibition.
Jenkins explains “We are excited that the windows looking out to Loampit Vale offer us the chance to share our different working practices with the public and we are keen to invite those walking past to come inside and meet us throughout the initial week.”

The residency will result in a curated exhibition, with supporting events including a water fountain walk led by Sarah Davis, exploring the effects on society and stories behind the introduction of Victorian fountains in London. There will also be an artists’ talk at the end of the exhibition, led by Isabelle Gressel, a tutor at UAL, whose personal practice centers around the behavior between people and their city environments. This talk will give the audience a chance to ask questions about the exhibition and the artists an opportunity to unpick the dialogue and influences they have experienced over the week in the space together.

The Potholes collective will repeat a similar residency and exhibition project in Liverpool in September 2020, during the Liverpool Biennial, offering an exciting opportunity for a unique artistic dialogue between London and Liverpool, making connections and observing similarities and differences between these major cities. Max Mallender comments, “I’m excited to see how working in a different city, in an intense situation, with a short time-scale, might influence what I make. I like to work spontaneously and I want to respond intuitively to being in a different environment.”

The exhibition is free and open to the public from the 17th April – 1st March, 2pm – 6pm Thursday – Sunday.

Residency runs from 7th – 13th April with visiting times daily 4pm – 6pm
Preview on Thursday 16th April, 6pm - 9pm.
Exhibition runs 17th April – 1st March 2pm – 6pm Thursday – Sunday
Artist Led Water Fountain walk Saturday 25th April 4pm -7pm
Artist talk and Closing Event Friday 1st May 6 – 9pm
For full details please visit