The Alternative POTHOLES Residency

Live Stream

7th April 2020

 11am - 1pm


POTHOLES YouTube channel


Be Patient For Spring will be performed by Sarah Davis at 11am


POTHOLES is a new collaboration by London based artists Sarah Davis and Alex Stone and Liverpool Based artists Josie Jenkins and Max Mallender. The artists were brought together as a group by Alex Stone, who recognised connections between their practices after following Sarah Davis’ time at City and Guilds and exhibiting with Max Mallender and Josie Jenkins in Threshold Festival, Liverpool, in 2018.

POTHOLES had originally planned a residency and exhibition at SET Lewisham in April 2020, however this has been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
BUT, the collective has alternative plans!

On the 7th April from 11am to 1pm POTHOLES will present a group live stream, instead, starting the POTHOLES residency remotely, from the confines of the artists’ temporary home studios. This live broadcast will be part of Threshold Festival, which was also postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Threshold is facilitating a programme of live streaming, as a temporary festival alternative. Alex Stone and Max Mallender were both due to exhibit at the postponed Threshold Festival this year and, as the place where three of the artists initially came together, the group decided this was the perfect platform to feature their alternative POTHOLES residency.

This opening event for the POTHOLES Alternative Residency is a live stream of the artists starting to work on projects that will develop over the course of the residency. Josie Jenkins will be starting a new large scale painting from her kitchen, Sarah Davis will perform a live reading of Be Patient For Spring, which she wrote during her cancer treatment when social interaction was purposefully limited, the leading into art making, Max Mallander will be exploring painting within the domestic space of his yard and Alex Stone will be live body casting, creating new sculptures and photography in response to isolation and Covid-19.

The POTHOLES YouTube channel will soon also feature a recorded video meeting with the three artists, discussing the project and the alterations they have made to the original project idea. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel to see more videos as they are posted.