Material Matters Act 2

From 4-6 July 2018 Josie will be exhibiting alongside Liverpool based artists Laura Sullivan and Oliver Wildman at The Well Studios, Liverpool, in Material Matters Act 2.

Material Matters is a curated series of exhibitions divided into Acts. The focus of the curation is towards the creative processes of recycling, re-interpretation and breathing new life into found materials, discarded objects and raw media. Its outcomes reflect an altering of function, status or lifespan, developing new forms and meanings.

For Material Matters Act 2 Josie will make a painting over three days, with the public invited to visit, observe and discuss the painting making process.

Josie categorises her paintings as either Found Arrangements or Self Assembled Arrangements. For this exhibition she will be making a Self Assembled Arrangement, where images are taken from different sources and assembled together in a representational setting.

Admission Free

Venue - The Well Studios 2 Roscoe Street, Liverpool, L1 2SX.

Wed 4th July 10am-7pm
Thu 5th July 10am-late
Fri 6 July 10am-5pm

Join us on Thursday 5th July from 7pm for drinks and an opportunity to view Josie’s performance in the company of the Material Matters artists.