Josie Jenkins is an award winning artist based in Liverpool, UK. She studied for her BA Hons in Fine Art (Painting) at Norwich School of Art and Design, UK, graduating in 2002 and has since exhibited in the UK and internationally. Josie was born in The East Riding of Yorkshire and worked as an artist in Hull and Nottinghamshire, before settling in Liverpool.

Josie's practice is concerned with both the making of visual art and the organising and execution of artistic projects, including teaching, writing and facilitating platforms for artists to engage with one another and with the public.


About Josie's visual art practice:

"I am interested in the innate human sense of order and our need to impose order on the world. I like making work that not only uses imagery depicting the order and chaos which is present in both our constructed and natural world, but which also employs the same interplay between order and chaos that we find so engaging in an artistic composition.

I choose specific images and motifs for a variety of reasons. In some cases they have symbolic meaning and other times I want to paint things that are ubiquitous in the world around us. I don’t always know why I am particularly drawn to something. I find humour in taking images from one setting and placing them in another, in the same way that I am curiously amused when I see something seemingly out of place in the landscape. This kind of incongruity is a theme that runs throughout my work.

I categorise my paintings as either 'Self Assembled Arrangements' or 'Found Arrangements'. The found arrangements take inspiration from one photographic source and self assembled arrangements bring together a number of images from a variety of sources, like a collage. This is done with a sense of amusement, playing on the viewer's expectations."

Selected Exhibitions
Solo Shows
2020 Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK, Assembled Worlds.
2015 Nothing Gallery, Xiamen, China, A Distorted View.
2015 CEAC, Xiamen, China, Exploding Mountains.
2014 Cork Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK, Pathos and Entropy.
2012 Bridewell Studios and Gallery, Liverpool, UK, England Lost Me.

Groups Shows
2020 SET Space, Lewisham, London, UK, Potholes.
2019 Dead Pigeon Gallery, Liverpool, UK, A Little Painting Show.
2019 Dean Clough, Halifax, UK, Sites Revisited.
2019 OA Studios, Salford, UK, A Little Painting Show.
2019 Plas Bodfa, Anglesey, UK, Sui Generis, The Possibilities of a House.
2018 Bankley Studios and Gallery, Manchester, UK, C'est de la Peinture! New work by 24 painters from the UK and USA.

2018 Saul Hay Fine Art, Manchester, UK, Looking Forward.
2018 Corke Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK, The Politics of Beauty.
2017 The Dead Pigeon Gallery, Liverpool, UK, Onsite: The Plasterer.
2017 Warrington Museum and Gallery, UK, A Strange Reality.
2017 Saul Hay Fine Art, Manchester, UK, New Topographies.
2016 Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk, UK, Into the Wilderness.
2015 Djupivogur, Iceland, Rolling Snowball/6.
2014 No Format Gallery, London, UK, Out of the Box.
2014 The Mall Galleries, London, UK, New Lights - Art in the North.
2014 The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, UK, New Lights Art Prize.
2013 Mercer Gallery, Harrogate, UK, New Lights Art Prize.
2011 3 Bedfordbury Gallery, London, UK, Show Me the Artists.
2011 The Royal College of Art, London, UK, Show Me the Monet.
2010 Nottingham Castle, Nottingham, UK, Nottingham Open.

2013 Valeria Sykes Award, New Lights Art Prize.

2015 C-Platform, Xiamen, China, C-Platform Exchange.
2014 Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China, self directed residency.
2014 Allenheads Contemporary Arts, Allenheads, UK, self directed residency.

2014 Sevenstreets and Liverpool International Music Festival, You Are Here.

Various articles, Hidden Gems - Exploring Liverpool's Independent Art Spaces, (independently published, Liverpool, 2016).
Essay titled 'Four Paintings and a Life Room Past' Chapman, D ed. Norwich a Local History, (Norwich: Tempus Publishing, 2002).


Media Publicity

2021 - Review of Assembled Worlds in Bido Lito https://bidolito.co.uk/review-josie-jenkins-assembled-worlds-2021/

2021 - The State of the Arts Interview - https://www.thestateofthearts.co.uk/features/art-naturally-responds-to-everything-interview-with-artist-josie-jenkins/

2020 - Bluecoat "Assembled Worlds" exhibition http://www.thebluecoat.org.uk/gallery/gallery-josie-jenkins-assembled-worlds

2020 - Group exhibition - "Potholes" https://www.alexmstone.com/potholes https://www.artrabbit.com/events/potholes

2019 - Group exhibition - "A Little Painting Show" - Dead pigeon Gallery, In the office of Dan Carden MP https://www.artinliverpool.com/review-a-little-painting-show-dead-pigeon-gallery/

2019 - Group exhibition "Sui Generis, The Possibilities of a House" - Plas Bodfa https://www.walesartsreview.org/exhibition-sui-generis-at-plas-bodfa/

2018 - Group exhibition - Feature in Liverpool Echo "Office of Dan Cardon MP hosts Dead Pigeon Gallery" https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/liverpool-mps-office-become-home-14922534

2018 - Group exhibition with performance by Josie Jenkins recorded as a time lapse video - "Material Matters Act 2" - The Well Space https://materialmatters.org.uk/archive/act-2/

2017 - Group exhibition - "Onsite The Plasterer - Dead Pigeon Gallery"

2017 - Group exhibition - "A strange Reality" at Warrington Museum and Gallery. http://www.warringtonmuseum.co.uk/blog/trio-of-leading-artists-unveil-a-strange-reality-at-warrington-gallery/


2016 - Interview about Hidden Gems publication https://www.a-n.co.uk/news/new-publication-reveals-liverpools-artist-led-hidden-gems/

2016 - Review of group exhibition "New Topographies" at Saul Hay Fine Art in Bees Blogs. https://www.beesblogs.co.uk/new-topographies-review-saul-hay-gallery-exhibition/

2016 - Review of group exhibition "The Wonder of it All" by Messy Lines Blog. http://messylines.com/home/need-want-now/

2015 - Feature on Liverpool Artists' Network co-produced by Josie Jenkins and Colette Lilley. http://www.sevenstreets.com/the-liverpool-artists-collective-better-together/

2015 Residency at C-Platform https://www.c-platform.org/event/151213/?lang=en

2015 - Group exhibition - "Rolling Snowball 6" Iceland http://www.ceac99.org/ArtistYear/artist2015/08Rolling_Snowball6/index.htm

2015 - Solo show at Chinese European Art Center - "Exploding Mountains" http://www.ceac99.org/ArtistYear/artist2015/01Josie_Jenkins/index.htm

2013 - Liverpool International Music Festival commission with Sevenstreets http://www.sevenstreets.com/you-are-here-our-limf-commission/

2013 - "Josie Jenkins wins Valeria Sykes Award, New Lights Art Prize Exhibition." https://newlight-art.org.uk/major-arts-prize-announces-winners/


2012 - Feature in "Sevenstreets Independents Biennial highlights" http://www.sevenstreets.com/7-liverpool-independents-biennial-highlights/

2011 - "BBC 2 Show me the Monet" feature. http://www.artinliverpool.com/liverpool-artists-feature-in-bbcs-show-me-the-monet/